RUNE 147
Like A Duck To Water was Mother Mallard's 2nd & final release, and was originally released in 1976. The music is a unique and extremely enjoyable blend of space electronics (ala Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze), minimal music (Terry Riley, Philip Glass), and contemporary classical & electronics (Gordon Mumma, John Cage). This album showcases a uniquely American slant on synthesizer music by a band whose pioneering contributions to the genre had been forgotten until now. Includes the original album, 20' of previously unheard bonus material, and bonus CDRom material; a QuickTime video of the band in performance in 1976. With David Borden, Steve Drews & Judy Borsher.
"A marvel of pioneering electronica."-The Wire.

RUNE 109    1970-73 collects the first album by Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. and previously unreleased recordings. MMPMC were also one of the very first [possibly the first] performing synthesizer ensembles, working closely with Robert Moog, whose first factory was nearby. This material pre-dates or is contemporary with the first contributions to the genre and had been forgotten until now. With Steve Drews & Linda Fisher


Places, Times & People is a collection of ten medium length, mostly solely keyboard performances. It showcases a broad spectrum of Borden's compositional skills. Compositions on this disc range from piano duets, to electronic soundscapes, to dense, interlocking multi-keyboard works. Places, Times & People contains something for everyone, for all established Borden fans and newcomers alike.

The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint is a remarkable 12 part musical cycle that Borden composed between 1976-87. Lasting 3 hours, Cuneiform has released this seminal work on 3 CDs, each containing 4 parts. The music is a pleasing and highly listenable mixture of classical forms, dense textures, strict counterpoint, and high energy electronics. AUDIO Magazine had this to say about the series: "When released in its entirety, this series may stand as the 'Goldberg Variations' of minimalism, a canon of work that defines a style and an era."

The release of The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Parts 5-8 caused one reviewer to note that "David Borden's music has always stood alone with its logic of motion, elegance of line and form, and deft use of state of the art technology."

David Borden is one of the foremost exponents of live electronic and minimalist music. He has been active on the new music and contemporary classical scenes for two decades. He first came to attention as the driving force behind Mother Mallard, the world's first all synthesizer ensemble.

Two Pianos: Mostly Jazz
David Borden & Ed Murray 

Lameduck Music, P.O. Box 842, Ithaca, NY 14851-0842

As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By, Time After Time, I Didn't Know What Time It Was, How Long Has This Been Going On?, Yesterday, Yesterdays, Strawberry Fields Forever, Autumn in New York, If You Could See Me Now, Take Five, Blackberry Winter, 'Round Midnight, Just In Time

Duke Ellington 
The Duke, In a Sentimental Mood, I'm Beginning to See the Light, Mood Indigo, Caravan, Lush Life, Satin Doll, Sophisticated Lady, Do Nothin' 'Till You Hear From Me, Got it Bad and That Ain't Good, U.M.M.G, Black and Tan Fantasy, In a Mellow Tone, It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing

Nice Work If You Can Get It, Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away), A Foggy Day (In London Town), Oh Lady, Be Good, Summertime (with Variations), That Certain Feeling/Strike Up the Band, My Man's Gone Now, Bess, You is My oman Now, It Ain't Necessarily So, Oh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?, Oh Doctor Jesus, I Loves You, Porgy, I Got Plenty O' Nuttin', Buzzard Song, There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York

Night and Day
Night and Day Prelude, What A Difference A Day Makes, A Day in the Life, Night and Day, Take the A Train, Just One of Those Things, Easy Living, Anything Goes, Day Tripper, Teach Me TOnight, Blues in the Night (My Momma Done Tol' Me), A Night in Tunisia, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, This Time the Dream's On Me, If Dreams Come True

Cayuga Night Music
The Coming of Winter, Lake Ice, Snow Gorge with Full Moon, Fireflies, Northern Lights, Mist Visions, Fog, Stars, Train, West Hill Lights, etc. 

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	1.	Dialogue I
	2.	Dialogue IV
	3.	Dialogue V
	4.	Dialogue VII
	5.	Dialogue VIII
	6.	Dialogue XV
Score from Dialogues (PDF)
Notes From Vienna 1.01 for Electric Guitar and Synthesizers
Notes From Vienna
Score from Notes From Vienna (PDF)

	1.	K216.01a
	2.	K216.01b
	3.	K216.01c
Score from K216.01 (PDF)
Double Portraits
	1.	Double Portrait
 Score from Double Portrait 

The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint Part 2

Selected Works
Music By David Borden     Selected Works
•	1959 Dialogues for trombone and trumpet
•	1967 All-American, Teenage, Lovesongs for wind ensemble and tape, commissioned by Ithaca High School
	1970 Cloudscape for Peggy
•	1970 Easter for Mother Mallard ensemble
•	1972 (?) C-A-G-E, Part I for Mother Mallard ensemble
•	1974 C-A-G-E, Part II for Mother Mallard ensemble
•	1975 C-A-G-E, Part III for Mother Mallard ensemble
•	1976-1987 The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Parts 1-12 for Mother Mallard ensemble
	•	1976 Part 1
	•	1976 Part 3
	•	1977 Part 5
	•	1978 Part 6
	•	1978 Part 7
	•	1979 Part 8, Part 8A, Part 8B, Part 8C
	•	1980 Part 9
	•	1982 Part 2
	•	1983 Part 4
	•	1986 Part 11
	•	1987 Part 10
	•	1987 Part 12A, Part 12B, Part 12C
•	1978 Enfield in Summer
•	1987 Double Portrait for two pianos
 1989 Angels for vocal ensemble and Mother Mallard ensemble
 1991 Unjust Malaise  (anagram of Julius Eastman)
•	1994 Notes From Vienna for solo electric guitar and wind ensemble (or synthesizers)
 1995 Infinity Variations for two fortepianos and chamber orchestra
 2003 K216.01a for solo electric violin and synthesizer 
 2002 Naked American  (anagram of Diane Ackerman)
 2005 A Tin Haiku  (anagram of Kia-Hui Tan)
 2006 Smart Hubris  (anagram of Ritsu Brahms)
 2007 Heaven-Kept Soul (anagram of Kathleen Supové)
 2001-2010   Earth Journeys  by David Borden
 2007 Tribute to Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn
 2009 Viola Farber in 7 Movements
 2010 Remembering Jimmy
 2010 ESP 9461 NY

Selected Discography (Mother Mallard and David Borden)
•	1973 Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company [Earthquack]
	•	1988 Reissued as 1970-1973 with previously unissued recordings [Cuneiform]
•	1976 Like A Duck To Water [Earthquack]
	•	1999 Reissued with previously unissued recordsings [Cuneiform]
•	1981 Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments [Red]
•	1983 Anatidae [Cuneiform: LP only]
•	1988 Migration [Cuneiform: LP only]
1988 The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 9-12 [Cuneiform]
1988 Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company Reissued as 1970-1973 with previously unissued recordings [Cuneiform]
•	1990 The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 5-8 [Cuneiform]
•	1990 The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 1-4+8 [Cuneiform]
1992 "Double Portrait" (1987) included in collection U.S. Choice by Double Edge piano duo [CRI] 
1995 Cayuga Night Music [Cuneiform]
1995 Places, Times, and People [Cuneiform]
1999 Like A Duck To Water  Reissued with previously unissued recordings [Cuneiform]
2003 Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co., music by David Borden (previously unissued 1976-77 live recordings of "Counterpoint" Parts 1 & 3 and "C-A-G-E" part 3) [Arbiter]

Marathon (1965)
Flatland (1965)    Click here for the film
Branches (1970)
They Made Movies in Ithaca (1975)
It’s Tough To Make It In This League  (1977)   CBS Sports
Louisville (1998)
The Exorcist (1973)

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Arbiter 136   Mother Mallard's Portable  Masterpiece Co.   David Borden

David Borden, Judith Borsher, Chip Smith.

A long awaited first release of David Borden's music, performed by his Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company in 1976-1977 is now available. Borden and his group used Moog synthesizer prototypes, becoming the first live Moog band ever, and utilizing the instruments to develop a style associated with Minimalism. These unique performances capture the rare analog synthesizer in newly created works. Borden contributed a lengthy text on the evolution of his style.